Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FREE Promotional Product Samples from 4imprint

Go to 4imprint  by click on the yellow link below  and register.

Then find any item that is cheaper then exproximately $15. Click the "Request a FREE sample" of this promotional product link. You can request up to 3 items.   Warning: "If you order an Item over $15.00 you will get this: Due to the higher value of the product(s) you have requested, we require a credit card to secure the return of the sample(s). We do not charge the card unless the item(s) are not returned in 30 days. This applies to our higher value products only.
Once your credit card information is received, we will be happy to fulfill your request. Please give one of our Customer Care Representatives a call with this information at toll-free, 1-877-446-7746. And reference your order number 2351649. Thank you!"
So please read this starter thread and Don't order anything over $15.00, Also shipping is free.
I requested some items , I just got a confirmation email saying they are processing my sample order.
                                  CLICK HERE