Saturday, February 2, 2019

FREE Creamy Snickers & Omega 3 Samples

Hi, Sam’s Club members!
Did you know that fish and krill get their Omega-3 from eating algae? With IWi Algae Based Omega 3, you can cut out the middle fish! Plus, iWi is vegan, non-gmo and sustainably farmed! They are sampling FREE from February 1, at select Sam’s Club locations, while supplies last!
Visit our Find A Freeosk page to see what’s sampling at your local Sam’s Club.
Hi, Walmart members!
Smooth out your hunger with NEW Creamy Snickers! Available in three mouthwatering flavors, Creamy Snickers is the perfect snack for smooth, creamy satisfaction.
Creamy Snickers is sampling for FREE from February 1, at select Walmart locations, while supplies last!
There are two ways to use the Freeosk at Walmart.
You can use the Walmart App and scan the QR code on the Freeosk screen, OR you can download the Freeosk app and get more (it’s FREE, of course). Then, simply scan the app and enjoy a free sample each and every week!
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