Tuesday, April 23, 2019

3 FREE VictoriaLand Beauty Samples

  1. Click link below to enter
  2. Register for the Rewards program to get 150 kisses (points) and confirm your email address. Also check your email to see if you were the first 25 which also gets you another free gift!
  3. When you are registered + logged in go here to the samples (or search via the Shop page) then add to cart.
  4. At checkout, apply your 150 kisses to cover the shipping costs. If you need more kisses you can leave a review (takes awhile to register points) or invite friends, the shipping cost may vary by state/location but the 150 kisses covered mine. Then finally, enter your contact and shipping information.
  5. Hit “Place Order” and wait for your free sample pack with free shipping request to process!
* US Only. Limit one set per househol
                    Click Here