Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Waitlist Added! FREE Products To Review From TryIt Sampling Community

Important note: The only way to get in to this community is to be invited or join the waitlist here. That being said, it’s unlikely you’ll get invited without a link so keep eyes peeled for more invites here.

How to get free products:

  1. If you do NOT have an invite link, join the waitlist for this great program:
  2. Hit “Apply” the submit the form to join the waitlist. If you are invited you’ll be contacted via email!
  3. If you have an invite, follow these instructions:
  4. Enter your shipping address, email and fill out the survey about your outdoor area habits.
  5. Hit “Register”, confirm your email address and you should have access to the Dashboard. Now just wait for the next email for any future sample giveaways, it could take weeks so don’t expect anything right away.
  6. Note: If you get an offer for a free product, you MUST review it to keep your account & get future samples.
* Valid email required.
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